Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This bothers the living piss out of me

I found a bunch of pictures taken of me and there was once constant, check out my pinky! THAT BOTHERS THE HELL OUT OF ME. I hold I mic like i'm drinking tea! What if I masturbate with my pinky out? These are the things that I think about.

What else has been bothering me

MPS and his lack of will to play aggressive
The Oilers curse hurting our kids
The fact that Samantha King the Oilers new anthem singer rejected me when I asked her out
Fans who say "injuries aren't an excuse"
The fact that Chuck is starting to get really awesome and I know it's the last season

And Finally, The Swiss! I dislike those people hashtag #racism

Whats been bothering you? Oilers and Lifewise?

Announcement: Looking for one guest for podcast this week, we will be roasting a special guest who may have ties to the Calgary Flames Organization!

Announcement 2: I have tickets for sale for @dannymartinello 's birthday bash at brixx. February 2nd, A jam packed show of live music, live comedy and a chance to win a 50 dollar beer tab by beating me in a beer chugging contest! (you won't)(unless your last name is Dakin) I think tickets are 5 dollars through me more expensive at door. Acts include

M/C: Danny Martinello (drunk at that)

Feature Comedy Acts: Brandon Franson, Mike Anderson

Headliner: Lars Callieou! Recently won an award from the Alberta Association of Mobile Entertainers, Has appeared on Comedy Now, The Debaters, Just For Laughs, And a million more things I don't care to talk about, he is my brother from another mother and is funny as shit!


Anonymous said...

I hate how slow this rebuild is going, I fear that we don't have management that will make it happen. Also I believe I have seen you do comedy before at the druid, that lars guy too.

Steve Schulte said...

In 2 years and over 400 times on stage I have never had someone come up to me on the street and say "hey aren't you that comic" I think that the above post counts!

Anonymous said...

I tend to hold my dong like that when i jerk it. all sophisticated like.

Anonymous said...

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