Friday, January 6, 2012

For Better Or For Worse

Are the 2011-2012 Oilers better or worse than their 2010-2011 counterparts? At first glance the answer is an alarming no. But lets look and some numbers just for kicks!

2010-2011 Season - January 6

Games Played: 38
League Standing: 28
Goals For: 99
Goals Against: 125
Goal Differential: -26
Year Ending Powerplay: 14.5% 27th in League
Year Ending Penalty Kill: 77% 29th in League

D-Core: Whitney (Hurt), Gilbert, Smid, Peckham, Chorney, Petry, Strudwick, Foster

2011-2012 Season - January 6

Games Played: 40
League Standing: 26
Goals For: 110
Goals Against: 115
Goal Differential: -5

Current Powerplay: 21.6% 2nd in League
Current Penalty Kill: 83.6% 11th in League

D-Core Whitney (Hurt), Gilbert (Hurt), Smid, Petry, Peckham, Sutton, Barker (Hurt), Teubert

People argue that Tambellini did not work hard enough in the off season acquiring talent on the back end. Forgetting D-men were thin at that time, my belief is this. We are better than our numbers are showing, not much better, but a better team, plagued by injury and incomplete.

I thought about calling for Tambo's head on a swivel but thanks to my man crush Dan Tencer (i'll pistol whip anyone who bad talks him!) he reminded me, this team isn't meant to be great yet. By next season if our defense isn't fixed with major overhauls and we aren't sporting a power forward then I may take issue. Till then relax your bodies Oiler fans, this team will be great it just takes time.


OvenChicken said...

This teams biggest problem is they seem to always be hampered by injuries. Whitney likely being out for the season won't help either.

I think it will be a long January but I'm hoping for a late season stretch to push them out of the bottom 5 of the league. No lottery pick means that they are improving!

If the Oilers are not a .500 squad next year, Tambellini and Renny will have to go. This year it's all about improving and keeping the Nuge HEALTHY! (Damn you shitty ice)

David S said...

This team's biggest problem is overplaying inexperienced and untalented athletes far beyond what they should be played. As a result they're getting fatigued and eventually, injured.

Sure, teams like Boston, Detroit and Chicago get injuries too, but they have the depth to compensate without having the Seguins of the world getting put in compromised positions.

I'd bet huge cash RNH tripped and fell into the boards because he wasn't at the top of his game. On what other team would first-year rookies be playing the kind of minutes and situations our young guys do on a nightly basis?

David S said...

Oh and BTW. Where the fuck are JS and BM these days? Is the site so successful now that there's a winter hiatus too?

*Thinks fondly back to JSBM videos, scathing, yet thoughtful posts, chicks, booze and black-on-black violence*

Albowing said...

Ya man! Its the 14th of fucking January and still no sign? What, are you waiting for Groundhog day to make an appearance? I'm giving you guys 1 more week and then I'm going to the cops to file a missing person's report!

Steve Schulte said...

Js and bm are currently writing a musical aimed at getting better blowjobs, as well as seeking out Tommy Salo as Kurt new spokesperson so I can nail his wife #cougarhunter

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