Monday, December 19, 2011


ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS THIS GUY???? Shame on you! I know it's been awhile since "you've seen boobies" oilerfan but the time will come again when you will be "that guy" happy!

If you're not excited to watch Oilers games recently, you're not alone. Since a season opening victory vs the Penguins of Pittsburgh at home, oiler fan has been "super glue" high on what this team is capable of. Why? because after the start they had and with the 9-2 ass-kicking of the best team in the league (at the time), things were "Lindsey Lohan having a sleepover at Amy Whinehouse's place" good. Now with a little dose of reality, everyone is freeeeaking out. To that, I list some positives thus far this season:

1) Nuge - holy shit wow.

2) Ebs - ya. exactly

3) Hallzky - shows exactly how important he is for making room on the ice for his team-mates. I simply can't wait for him to play in the playoffs. He seems like the kind of guy that is just going to DOMINATE in that atmosphere.

4) Smid and Gilbert - Smid moreso than Gilbert has been unreal. If he can hold onto a top 4 spot with all the talent we have coming up (Petry, Marincin, Klefbom, Gernat, Musil), the Oilers are STACKED with NHL defenseman which at worst case is great trade bait.

5) Lovin that MPS is wanting to go down to OKC to find his game. Oh and by the way, that team where he's "finding his game", is always in or is close to, 1st place in the AHL.

93) The development of the Oilers/Barons/Jrs over the last 2-3 years has been truly unreal when compared to anything that I've ever witnessed as an oilerfan. Yes, sucking will replenish prospect supply quickly but you also have to get lucky to suck THAT bad. Getting to draft 1st overall, 2 years in a row is an impressive feat, also MBS (Stu MacGregor) looks to have hit with all of his 2nd round picks as-well. (Pitlick, Marincin, Musil)

So no matter what, the cupboards are STACKED; how that all comes together is all personal preference really. The important thing is that there are PLENTY OF OPTIONS!

I think the boys are due for a good effort that makes everyone believe again. Today? Tough draw but we'll see what NUUUUUGE has in store for "The D".

- @edmontoncritic


David S said...

Great piece dude! Welcome to the newest big thing in Oilers fan sites. I'm pretty sure untold riches are soon to follow. Beersh for all you sumbitches!

Also, I think JS or BM have a manual somewhere that tells you how to format images on this crapshack of a site.

edmontoncritic said...

I thought about formatting the pictures correctly and then when I saw how big the picture was of the ladies, I decided it's just better for all of us this way. #ExecutiveDecisions

Wanyes bastard child said...

So... after reviewing the pics I've come to a conclusion.

While the penguin is funny all the first two girls have going for them is boobs coupled with a face only a mother could love.

For the jeans pic, im going with the blonde second from right with the nicest ass, blonde third from right a close second!

Wanyes bastard child said...

Also... chick fourth from left is a lesbian.

edmontoncritic said...

1) Sometimes I forget to look at faces

2) It would be very entertaining to play "hot or not face" with that pic. For now I have to assume they're all 10s!

edmontoncritic said...

Well......except for the 4th from the left

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