Friday, November 25, 2011

Boondock Saints III: A lot like Robocop

Terminator might fight great, but Robocop is a great fighter. It is currently 9:28 AM and I am on my last day of free money from my former employer as well as a hockey day, I have an interview lined up for another big boy job as well as plans to start booking out of town comedy shows.

I've however hit a moral impasse, I am still angry at said former employer regarding being the first company ever to fire me. I chose to voice my opinion in blog, radio, and prolly podcast and stage form because I have a dream!

Ironically I shared this dream with my employer the day I was hired, I stated I want to get famous enough to be able to bury a company that wrongs me. Like Shawshank Redemption not winning the Oscar in 1994, I have been wronged!

Today former employer asked me kindly to not hate on former company, I am not sure how this should affect me, because I want to crush them like I hulk smash lady vagina but at the same time, I don't hulk smash a lot because I use phrases like hulk smash!

I am still not an official JSBM writer for 5 days so I can vent about this crazy jive I tell ya, help me out gang, what should I do.

How Should Steve Handle This Situation?
Stop bothering his poor former employer
Continue to speak ill will and possibly (in Jimmy's voice from South Park) write a hilarious joke
Continue giving the middle finger to every sign regarding former employer he sees
Get his former employer pregnant so it creates smaller businesses, then not pay child support free polls


Anonymous said...

Using the former company name to bash the shit out of them would be a start. So who are they?

Anonymous said...

More polls please I love the extra content on this website lately.

rubbertrout said...

Tell the truth. You're part of the Occupy Vancouver squad aren't you?

A rioter then?

*out of guesses

Steve Schulte said...

I am the terror that flaps in the night!

Terry said...

You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

baggedmilk said...

Did you just quote Batman?

Because that's awesome

Steve Schulte said...

You are both wrong and full of fail! Step ya Disney afternoon with Mike Sobel up! When he's not calling women dykes he's introducing us to Darkwingduck

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