Saturday, January 26, 2013

yAK-47: Exorcising the Flames demons, yo!

Yak Off Fleury! 

 On April 14th, 1991 Theo Fleury scored his infamous goal against our beloved Oilers team in Northlands Arena then he proceeded to slide down the length of the ice, crashing into the boards. Fast forward 21 years, 9 months and 10 days or 687 398 400 seconds to January 24th, 2013. With the Oilers down 1-0 with 4.7 seconds left in the game,  Nail "yAK-47" Yakupov scores a beautiful goal, batting the puck out of the air past Johnny Quick. The Yak Attack then proceeds to celebrate exactly like Fleury did, down the same part of the ice.

Purifying the Ice

They look just like GQ models! 

Since Theo Fleury scored that goal, the Edmonton Oilers have gone 46-71-6 posting a 39% win average against the fLames. Clearly, the Oilers have been sub-par against the Flames since that terrible April night but has Nail Yakupov single-handily cleansed the Oilers ice with his celebration from the Calgary Flames demons? This blogger says yes, yAK-47 has anointed and purified the ice. The Edmonton Oilers have rebuilt from the ground up and with the recent additions of Yakupov, Justin Schultz and Mark Fistric the Oilers may finally be able lay an ass whoopin' on the Flamers. Fistric has (so far) been a big addition to our blue line. In Fistric's first game as an Edmonton Oiler, he logged 4 hits and 4 blocked shots in 14:25 minutes of ice time. Along with this, Fistric was a big presence in front of Dubnyk, often clearing the crease after the whistle. He seems to know what his role is on this team and I think tonight he will help rekindle the true Battle of Alberta.


Out with the old, in with the new.

The modern day AK-47 and our beloved yAK-47 share many common similarities. They both have a Rate of Fire capable of blowing through any one that stands in their path, they both have an effective range of 380 yards (Yak can shoot from the stands) and lastly, both of them are just freakin' awesome. yAK-47 has done a lot of things right through his first 3 NHL games, mainly things I never expected from him. I had previously heard of his blistering One-Timer and his cheetah-like speed, but the thing that has impressed me the most from him thus far is his willingness to throw his weight around and make an effort to fight for pucks. Many times over these last few games I have seen him finish his checks and fight for pucks along the boards.

Me likey. 

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Anonymous said...


Loving the name and loving the "New Era" Oilers game

....the demons have been lifted!!!!

Bring on the Flames and the rest of the NHL.....

David S said...

The new callups here at JSBM are really doing a nice job. I still prefer the vets, but you guys are amassing a nice group of talent.

Unknown said...

Thanks David, I'm glad to be apart of this Jawsome group of guys!

baggedmilk said...


That would mean that JS and I actually have to write something.


David S said...


#LooksAlotLikeTheOldDesign #FalseAdvertising

David S said...

OK. I'm a bit slow today. Godda code.

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