Friday, September 21, 2012

OKC Baron's Line Combo's and I Want This Girl as My Thunder Buddy!

You can't get me thunder cause you just gods farts!

What kind of line combo's do you want to see in OKC with the increase in talent?

This is what I like


Paajarvi - RNH - Eberle

pretty standard most people want this with a possible swap of Harski for Paajarvi

Hartikainen - Josh Green - Pitlick

Grit's and Gravy! all purpose big second line

Byers - Lander - Cornet

third line makes things tricky because you want to develop Lander but are limited in actual other prospects getting playing time

Tyrvainen - VandeVelde - House

definition of AHL 3rd line

Extra Forward Arcobello

Hamilton, Pelss, Martindale, Abney

Marincin - Schultz

announced that this is the pairing

Fedun Plante

Balance of scoring and (when healthy) defense

Zahn - Teubert

Extra D Ringwald


Thoughts quandries questions? angry letters?


David S said...

Just the fact you guys are resorting to line combos in the freaking AHL annoys me to no end. That being said, those combos do look pretty solid. Too bad we won't get to watch any of the games.*

*Unless somebody *cough, JSBM, cough* sets up some sort of game stream.

Steve Schulte said...

I was hoping for a

Dear Steve, thank you for posting about hockey and not trying to make me come to one of your stupid comedy shows!

baggedmilk said...

I guess I'm to have to get fired up about the AHL... I tried Dressage, Cricket, and Lawn Bowling all to no avail.

David S said...

I'd be SO all over the Octane girls if they dressed like that.

No...wait...I mean...shit.

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