Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just Over 2 Weeks Til September 15th... Move It!

With just over 2 weeks left until the current CBA expires it's about time where people are going to start getting annoyed.  Whether you side with the players or the owners, I think everyone would agree that they need to shut their mouthes and get a deal done - I want hockey to start in the fall.  Lord knows, there's nothing like a hockeyless Edmonton in the middle of January. RIP Edmonton Roadrunners

This is bullshit! The Oilers are finally collecting enough good players that there may be something to actually get excited about, and you're going to fucking take that from me? This is has got to be a cruel joke of some kind played on us by the hockey gods.  They must be punishing us for past successes, in very much the same way as they punished the Islanders with Mike Milbury and the Canadiens with Scott Gomez.

If you want my opinion (and I know you do) I don't give a shit who "wins" the new CBA.  I want to see a black puck land on a blue dot as soon as possible.  I understand why the players want more money, but I also understand why the owners think they should get more.  Hockey is a business - got it! I guess I'm saying, I don't really feel bad for the players or for the owners.

I do feel bad for the guy that has to come home from a job he hates and has nothing to watch.  I'm sad for the lady that just wants to get her drink on and throw her panties at Taylor Hall from the speakers at Oil City after the game. I'm talking about the people the just want to unwind and watch the game with their buddies and the degenerate gamblers that lose everything on bad bets and the angry bloggers that will debate every single number imaginable and the guy outside Rexall that bangs on those pales and Doug Flutie in the LRT station that's whaling away on that flute and the guy that stands by the parking lot with the electric guitar and the... well you get the idea.

At the end of the day rich guys are fighting with richer guys.  There are points to be made for both sides, but that doesn't change the fact that I probably won't have anything to watch come October.  From where I sit, the actual outcome of a new CBA doesn't affect me much at all so I don't really care who can say they won this time. I do care, however, about not being able to watch the game when I get home.

So, as a fan of the game I write this quick note to the NHL and NHLPA on behalf of the rest of us:

Dear NHL and NHLPA,

Sort your shit out. You're making me think of a backup plan and as far as I can tell, Cricket is not going to do it for me. And don't you dare make me watch CBC movies for another winter - that was bullshit and you know it.

Thank you.



David S said...

Slow clap for the return of BM.

dohfOs said...

Tend to think you pretty much nailed it.

rubbertrout said...

NSFW Fridays?? PLEASE???

I like soup.

Anonymous said...

New fan of this website right here.

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