Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Epic Lulz Monday - Shaw TV Edition!

Hey Gang! Steve here with a great announcement and a need for you to read it! Epic Lulz Monday at The Vault is officially in our eighth week next monday!

Were celebrating getting to two months by getting free press on a channel no one watches!!!!!

ShawTV is coming down to shoot some footage of the show and an interview with me and my partner Liam Creswick www.liamcreswick.com. Here is what I need to make this  successful. AN AUDIENCE! I am jam packing this show with oodles of local and possibly out of town talent for absolutely free! I would like very much for you all to come down and enjoy! Because I truely believe you'll enjoy it and I don't want to film a show for tv in an empty bar! Tell your friends! RT my tweets RT JSBM'S tweet's Neils Tweets @liamcreswick's tweets (he's fuckin funny) and help me keep my contract and not look like a jackass!


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Steve Schulte said...

Also I have like 2 tickets left for K-Rock's Funniest Person With a Day Job semi finals tonight, if anyone wants em feel free to hit me up on twitter

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