Monday, November 28, 2011

That My Friends Is Known As A Bad Touch!

I was touched by all of you, in the positive feel good kind of way. Podcast downloads for our third episode were equal to the first and second combined! The funny thing, in spite of some decent banter, the podcast is not up to par with where I want it!

I want to propose something to the community of Oil fans, I want to know what kind of content you want!

The Questions
1. What new content ideas would you want to hear to make the podcast great? Once the live stream is working we are hoping to have giveaways and contests?
2. Do you like the format of bringing in one or two guests every show?
3. Is there any issue with the content being less than clean?
4. What don't you like about the podcast, what would you do to improve it, I can take criticism

Thats what I have for you for now, but I am seriously touched once again by the overwhelming support from people and their downloading ways. Two or so days away from a real blog, any ideas of what you want for content for that?

And finally! I have 8 tickets left for The Comic Strip tonight at 8:00 PM. Put a note in saying you want them (on a game night) :( And i'll have them waiting at the door for you.

Peace for now gang, Love Steve

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