Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Steve Schulte's lots of thoughts!

There are two facts that I have decided today as I get home from being let go from my now previous employer. I dislike and Australia. Am I going to elaborate on those thoughts, no because I don't wanna and y'all can't make me.

Positive things in life, unemployment guarantees I can watch the Oiler game on Friday, I had no idea that duck hunt was 2 player so we can thank for that, and finally I haven't smoked in 7 days and am reasonably impressed with the size of my penis, it's not bad.

The Oilers are currently above average with some rather amazing wins and a man boy love affair between Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Kevin Smith which is perfectly acceptable. So I was told I need to blog about whatever the hell I want but the only thing I can think about is how much I want taco's, delicious taco's dunked in a tasty meal from oodle noodle, because since I quit smoking the food consumption has increased exponentially.

This weekend I did five, count em five comedy shows, by the last one I didn't wanna look at a crowd of people while holding a microphone anymore. Friday I did a show for a literary journal called Other Voices, small crowd but I delivered a half hour of sexy comedy love into their mind grapes. Saturday I performed at a fundraiser in Hay Lakes for their town library, both these shows were odd in the sense that I don't like fucking reading, if it's not back-lit it ain't shit is my motto.

Then came Sunday, you all may remember going to Hudsons to watch Oilers PPV's, packed house of like minded Oiler Fans watching our team lose over some expensive drinks and cheap wings. Sunday I performed at a similar event, replace Oilers PPV with professional Starcraft 2, yes thats right Major League Gaming, 100 Nerds and 7 women packed into Rouge Lounge for an all day event, sounds terrible right? WRONG, it was nerd heaven and I tell you I felt at home!

Rounded out the night with 2 weekly comedy shows you should all check out on Sundays, the Druid Irish Pub and Filthy McNasty's, both start at 9:00 and both are rather fantastic.

Not sure what else I wanna talk about but weekly you will hear more about what life is like for me, as well as much more Oiler commentary. Hopefully some funny!

Till then here is two local video's that I personally enjoyed, first one is a parody on the pocket chair by Local Comic Liam Creswick

The second is from Highwire films starring my brother Marc, funny short called The Stank!

Ultimate goal is to have The Oil Drip live stream working this week, but for sure we'll have it up in podcast form, should live stream be working I can assure you we will be doing a twitter contest, so make sure you follow @steve_schulte and @jonproject.

In the words of my brother from Sacramento, if anyone was offended by this post, sincerly, from the bottom of my heart... I don't give a shit!


baggedmilk said...

Hilarious dude. Well played!

I look forward to your future ramblings.

Steve Schulte said...

One more thing, the contest for live listeners will be either A) Degrassi Trivia or B) Full House Trivia!

baggedmilk said...

If it's Degrassi trivia I will absolutely roast it. Boom

OvenChicken said...

Awesome read! Welcome to la Revolution!

David S said...

Ramblings! THE STANK!

JSBM is laying it DOWWWWWWWWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanyes bastard child said...

Is this... content?

Steve Schulte said...

No those are the musing of a man having a shit day, I start rull blogging in December, feel free to suggest what kind of content you want instead of being kind of a tool that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly Meathead

With love,


Steve Schulte said...

That comment was if you were being sarcastic, not of you were surprised that their is content, if that was the case disregard the insults, as stated rough day

Travis Dakin said...

Wow, sweet Brownlee style freak out! haha

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